Monday, February 22, 2010

Trekpay : Get paid to click advertising sites, Paid every week!

Trekpay looks just like another ptc site, but they have their own methods. Trekpay have unlimited paid-to-click ads. We'll get more ads if we often refresh browse ads section to get paid for click their advertising. Each ad is usually worth $ 0002 - $ 0006 per click, no duration for seeing the ad, if credit has been added, you can simply shut down the ads that have been opened, however you must be observant to see if there are any trekpay logo on advertising, clicks to avoid any fraud or cheating by the member. Trekpay always pay members income every week. Currently the number of Trekpay members has reached more than 100,000 members, of the hose about 6 months since its inception. Timely payments and acquisition of results easily become the success factors of this ptc site. Worth a try, especially for the fans PTC site.

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