Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ziddu - Paid to Share Your Files

One of Get paid to share programs that have many benefit is Ziddu. Ziddu is media sharing website similar to Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, Deposit Files, Easy-Share, Hotfiles, etc. Ziddu is world's leading image, video, audio and document sharing portal. Unlike other media sharing portal, Ziddu offers free accounts for all - No premium accounts. Even we can add another Ziddu friends just like 'social networking', so that we can easily share our files to our other friends. If you don't have Ziddu account and want to get the benefits of sharing files through Ziddu, you can freely sign up to get Ziddu account and start uploading and share your files, don't forget to tell your friends if they don't have it yet too. You can share kind of mp3 files, images, videos, document or else.

Now, About the earning programs that Ziddu offers. Ziddu will give $1 per CPM, means you will get 0.001 cent per 1 downloads. This CPM rate is pretty much impressive than other 'get paid to upload' programs. Besides that, Ziddu doesn't restrict some countries or giving higher CPM to targeted countries and lower for other countries. All Countries are welcome and the CPM rate is same for all countries. Whether you upload small or bigger capacity of files, it doesn't affect your CPM earning rate. Ziddu aren't dividing for how much capacity you must uploaded to generate the greater earnings. More than that, because Ziddu have similar feature just like ' social networking' so we can offers or share our files to others Ziddu members easily. Other features are files organizer, albums to organize our uploaded images, and even greeting cards!!

I think Ziddu have so many benefits than just some 'get paid' programs. Recommended!

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