Monday, May 31, 2010

Get Paid To share Pictures : Share-A-Pic

Share-A-Pic is one of the best get paid to share programs. Share-A-Pic focused on sharing pictures/photos only. I think this one is the best from all of existing similar programs right now. Share-A-Pic have many features at the member area. We can upload pictures or photos simultaneously. Another benefit from Share-A-Pic is that we can add our Bidvertisers code, so that we can earn more money from this programs. Share-A-Pic pays $0.22 per CPM (1000 views) or $1 per 4500 views), but seems like that we don't have to hardly must get unique viewers to earn money because every views counts. Plus with the benefit from adding bidvertisers code, if you don't have Bidvertisers account I think you should get it too if you want to use Share-A-Pic. Another benefit is we can earn 10% earnings from our referrals if we offer our referral link to someone else and they want to join/sign up with Share-A-Pic whether it's friends, partners, family or else. After you upload you pictures or photos on Share-A-Pic, you can directly publish your albums, pictures or photos to several social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, and others.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donkey Mails No Minimum Payout

Donkey Mails is one of the famous Paid To Read email programs. It has been online since 2005 and already has more than 400.000 members. Offering 'no minimum' payout options to their members and has been loyal to continuously implement the payment method, Donkey Mails become one of the trusted Internet paid programs until now. Long time ago, Donkey Mails using e-gold as their main payment options but during e-gold having problems with their site, now Donkey Mails use Liberty Reserve and PerfectMoney as their 'no minimum' payment options then Paypal, Alertpay and SolidTrust Pay also included as their 'low minimum' payment options. Number of their paid emails around 5-10 mails per day with each worth 0.025 cent ussually. Beside 'paid emails' they have another options for the members to get more earnings, the option such as paid to click, paid to promote, paid to play the games and much more. Members can see many features on the control panel account. Donkey Mails isn't a good option to reach some good earnings everyday if we stand alone EXCEPT if we can have or get referrals as many because they using 5 referral levels. If we can get so many referrals, this is one of the best programs to earn some profits. No Minimum Payout

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little Bit Things about CPM

What is CPM? CPM means Cost per Impressions or Cost per Thousand. CPM is one of the earning methods that used by certain Get Paid programs. For me,I think this method is the best earning method than other method because we can earn unlimited earnings unlike upfront payment method or per task method that earn or paid just per task/job that earn us limited earnings. CPM usually used to promote webpage whether it's in the form of page, banners, textlinks, that direct to the targeted page. CPM count per unique viewers or unique IP address means that every visitor with every different IP address count per visitor. The CPM offers difference value of earnings from every get paid programs that used CPM as their payment method. Some offering $1 per 1000 unique viewers, $3, or maybe $5 per 1000 unique viewers.

So What kind of Get Paid Industry that using CPM as their earning method? It can be media advertising such as google adsense, clicksor, casale media, adbrite, tribal fusion and much more, PPC (paid Per Click) programs, or PPP (paid To Promote). Or other program such as get paid to publishing our articles like at Bukisa, Squidoo, Hubpages, Triond, and much more.

CPM would be great earning method if we can get many visitor to our targeted page. If we have such a blog or webpage that already visit by thousands of guests everyday it will be a great advantage for us. The key is to have or get many visitor to our targeted page continuously. Ussually, every same visitor count per 24 hours, it would be great if we have loyal visitor who likes to see our targeted page oftenly.
If we already have thousand of visitor that viewing our page everyday, than we will earn the profit continuously.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Neobux Trivia - 1.....The Begginers

Although Neobux has not satisfied me in making a profit until recently, but this site remains to be the best site in make profits. Nothing has been able to match the profit that given to the members until it reaches more than 20 million U.S. dollars and still goes on, can you imagine that?! If you are a beginner in the world of Paid To Click is better first try to figure out the best way to earn profit from Paid To Click program. In my opinion, referrals are the key. Many new memberss believe that hiring a referral is the easiest way to make profits. Referral rental of no consequence, we should be able to arrange referrals that we have, if not then it will be turned and we are the losers. It is best to seek direct referrals because we do not need to spend any money for direct referrals, other than that if direct referral is always active and he will always be ours without expired. If you do not know how it’s work, then try to register in order to try the features as a new member without having to pay, because register at Neobux is free. Go to the Forum area to see the topics and find answers to your questions about Neobux. Many old members always ready to help you. The Forum member is usually great for new member get a lot of insight about the features and benefits provided.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Progess on Bukisa

I have already publish around 18 articles on Bukisa. Although I joined Bukisa from last year but I started publish less than 3 - 4 months ago. Basically, I read another Bukisa members success story that pushing me to post more articles and hope that my earnings would be increase. I search some trendy and hot topics and start writing some articles. Then I began publish about 2 - 3 articles on Bukisa. I see my earning increase slowly but worthy so the next weeks I publish more and more articles until now I have around 18 articles and my earnings has increase significantly. I planned to publish more articles on Bukisa. The other reason is unlike other 'get paid to do' sites, we will earn money daily especcially if we have so many articles that already published on Bukisa, all we have to do is just waiting our earnings grow day by day :) that we don't have to publish article everyday or in certain times because we can freely arrange when and how many articles we wan to publish on Bukisa.

Now for around 3 months I already have more than 700 unique viewers and still growing.
I think for now Bukisa is one of the best 'get paid to do' sites. Stay tuned as I will give more report about my progress on Bukisa.