Thursday, August 5, 2010 - Shorten Link, Publish it and Get Paid is one of the best Get paid programs. At you earn money by shorten your link on then publish your shorten link on any other site, if someone click your shorten link you'll earn generated income according to the rate that had been set by Mostly, the income rates to earn money per CPM (cost per thousand or per 1000 views click) changes everyday depend on the advertisers. But as far as I know, this is the site and one of the most legit paid Shorten link and have the biggest rates of CPM. As for 5th August 2010 the CPM rates for United States reaches up to $ 7.00 per CPM! That's a high CPM earning if compare to another paid shorten link sites even other paying sites that uses CPM as their earning methods. Because the rates of CPM aren't same everyday, you can see on their CPM rate list that usually updates almost everyday - see here. offers their greatest feature such as real-time demographic visitor count, mass shrink links to shorten multiple links for the same time, if you have many links you can use this feature maximum for 20 links to shorten. They also have referral programs, where you can earn 20% from every links that click own by your referrals. You can see and learn more of their features on sites.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Progress on Bukisa and Some Tips to Increase Your Earnings with Bukisa

After around six months I’am active on Bukisa by writing some articles, I get a significant progress on my earnings also my network. I already post around 40 articles and now I got $ 6.30 so far without working hard to advertise my link to another site so that I can get more traffic for my articles. Of course I’m not posting all of the 40 articles in the first month, if I do that sooner maybe now I can reach my payout . I only publish around 5 – 6 articles in the first month and the rest I publish 2-3 month before I write this. If I know sooner that publish many articles will increase my earnings on Bukisa I will publish many articles from the first time I register on Bukisa.
Bukisa already has a good alexa rank (between rank 5000 to 4000) means that this site always visit by millions of people who search your contents everyday. I’m not yet getting my payout because the minimum payout is $10 via paypal. If I already reach the minimum payout then I get my payment I will post it on this group soon. The advantage to join Bukisa that we can write articles with minimum 250 words only! Don’t forget that Bukisa offer high CPM earnings ( around $3- $4 per 1000 views)

If you consider to join with my Bukisa network, now here’s a little tip in order to make money with Bukisa:
1. This is the main important to make more money: post many articles, the more you post articles lead you to earn more incomes. By doing this you don’t have to advertise/publish your articles on another site or ask anyone to read your articles to increase you’re earnings except that you want earn more and more, let Bukisa do for you.
2. post various theme for your articles because people not searching same or similar articles everyday.
3. Be friends with others Bukisa members, if you have time rate their articles and give comments.

For more tips about how to make money with Bukisa, you can read my articles below:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Redgage - Publish Your Contents Earn Generate Revenue

Another Paid online Programs that give you a chance to get FREE debit card plus loaded with $ 25.00 is Redgage. Redgage have daily contests to their members to get Redgage Visa Card which givin each day where trough some raffle contests one user can win a $25.00 RedGage Visa Card everyday. Another method to get Redgage Visa Card is to register free and become a Redgage members where we can upload our contents so others can see and it will generate income through members views. When we can reach the minimum payout of $ 25.00, Redgage will send the VISA DEBIT card plus loaded with the minimum payment that we choose. Besides earn money through Redgage, We can use many benefit features on it. Redgage is pretty much like other social networking sites but the benefit is we can upload any contents such as photos, video, documents, write blogs even post links and all will generate income for us.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Linkbee - Shorten Your Link, Share and Earn The Money

From several paid shorten link sites, I try to use linkbee because it has great features and offers. The revenue rates is better than other similar Paid Shorten Links, plus it has many good features such as Real time analitics where you can track who, what country, and how many linkbee links that were already clicks. As comparison, see the revenue rate below :

Country Interstitial CPM Rate *
Canada $2.00
United States of America $2.00
United Kingdom $2.00
Australia $1.50
France $1.00
Germany $1.00
Japan $0.25
Brazil $0.25
Malaysia $0.50
Indonesia $0.50
All other countries $0.05 to $0.25
* CPM translates to cost per thousand (1000) impressions. You will be paid the stated CPM rate for 1000 views.

Sign up here, if you want to register.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Share-A-Pic is back!

Share-A-Pic is back online after couple a weeks their server was down. They said that their hard drive was broken but lucky that all members data account is fine. Now you can use and earn money again through Share-A-Pic. Share-a-Pic now has more than 297.000 members and still growing. The advantage using Share-A-Pic better than another paid to upload pictures is we can :

- Upload unlimited pictures
- No file size restrictions
- Create unlimited galleries
- pay $0.22 per 1000 pic views.. that's more than some major ad networks pay their publishers!
- Allow to add our Bidvertiser © code to our image and gallery pages.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 is it gone??

Updates about Several days I try to open, it says ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved. Shareapic is Media file sharing site that offers to get paid when we upload images-pictures-or photos and share it to others. This site has online for so long and proof as one of legit paid online programs. I can't explain much why having this kin of problem and I haven't get the accurate reasons and latest news about I hope Shareapic only have some temporary problems and hope it will fix soon. So, while still in problems, I'm not promote their referral link-refferal programs because it is useless for now.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paid To Click Unlimited Advertising - Trek Pay

Trek Pay isn't just an ordinary 'Get Paid To Click' programs. Trek Pay 'is paid to click advertising' although it's almost similar with PTC (paid to Click). Trek Pay offers unlimited numbers of advertising to click if we want to earn more credits. To earn more credits from their unlimited ads we must standby and refresh our Trek Pay browse page oftenly to get new or fresh advertising that appear sometimes. Unlike other 'Get Paid to Click' advertising programs that count your credits with timer, we don't have to wait until the timer finish counting the time to earn Trek Pay advertising credits, because Trek Pay have their own method. Everytime we click ads to earn some credits, we just only wait our Trek Pay browse page done refreshing the page and the add credits will appear on the upper left browse page. Trek Pay is one of the best get paid earning online advertising programs that have higher rate payout. Their method is giving around 25% revenue from advertising, the more advertising they have will affect to more higher earning to their members. They give payouts to members every weeeks through paypal. Usually I can earn around 200 - 300 credits per weeks and the rate is around $0.50 per 200 credits. This is classified to one of the fastest earning, basically you will reach the minimum payout which is $5 within one or two month without referral.