Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Progress on Bukisa and Some Tips to Increase Your Earnings with Bukisa

After around six months I’am active on Bukisa by writing some articles, I get a significant progress on my earnings also my network. I already post around 40 articles and now I got $ 6.30 so far without working hard to advertise my link to another site so that I can get more traffic for my articles. Of course I’m not posting all of the 40 articles in the first month, if I do that sooner maybe now I can reach my payout . I only publish around 5 – 6 articles in the first month and the rest I publish 2-3 month before I write this. If I know sooner that publish many articles will increase my earnings on Bukisa I will publish many articles from the first time I register on Bukisa.
Bukisa already has a good alexa rank (between rank 5000 to 4000) means that this site always visit by millions of people who search your contents everyday. I’m not yet getting my payout because the minimum payout is $10 via paypal. If I already reach the minimum payout then I get my payment I will post it on this group soon. The advantage to join Bukisa that we can write articles with minimum 250 words only! Don’t forget that Bukisa offer high CPM earnings ( around $3- $4 per 1000 views)

If you consider to join with my Bukisa network, now here’s a little tip in order to make money with Bukisa:
1. This is the main important to make more money: post many articles, the more you post articles lead you to earn more incomes. By doing this you don’t have to advertise/publish your articles on another site or ask anyone to read your articles to increase you’re earnings except that you want earn more and more, let Bukisa do for you.
2. post various theme for your articles because people not searching same or similar articles everyday.
3. Be friends with others Bukisa members, if you have time rate their articles and give comments.

For more tips about how to make money with Bukisa, you can read my articles below:

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