Monday, July 19, 2010

Linkbee - Shorten Your Link, Share and Earn The Money

From several paid shorten link sites, I try to use linkbee because it has great features and offers. The revenue rates is better than other similar Paid Shorten Links, plus it has many good features such as Real time analitics where you can track who, what country, and how many linkbee links that were already clicks. As comparison, see the revenue rate below :

Country Interstitial CPM Rate *
Canada $2.00
United States of America $2.00
United Kingdom $2.00
Australia $1.50
France $1.00
Germany $1.00
Japan $0.25
Brazil $0.25
Malaysia $0.50
Indonesia $0.50
All other countries $0.05 to $0.25
* CPM translates to cost per thousand (1000) impressions. You will be paid the stated CPM rate for 1000 views.

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