Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paid To Click Unlimited Advertising - Trek Pay

Trek Pay isn't just an ordinary 'Get Paid To Click' programs. Trek Pay 'is paid to click advertising' although it's almost similar with PTC (paid to Click). Trek Pay offers unlimited numbers of advertising to click if we want to earn more credits. To earn more credits from their unlimited ads we must standby and refresh our Trek Pay browse page oftenly to get new or fresh advertising that appear sometimes. Unlike other 'Get Paid to Click' advertising programs that count your credits with timer, we don't have to wait until the timer finish counting the time to earn Trek Pay advertising credits, because Trek Pay have their own method. Everytime we click ads to earn some credits, we just only wait our Trek Pay browse page done refreshing the page and the add credits will appear on the upper left browse page. Trek Pay is one of the best get paid earning online advertising programs that have higher rate payout. Their method is giving around 25% revenue from advertising, the more advertising they have will affect to more higher earning to their members. They give payouts to members every weeeks through paypal. Usually I can earn around 200 - 300 credits per weeks and the rate is around $0.50 per 200 credits. This is classified to one of the fastest earning, basically you will reach the minimum payout which is $5 within one or two month without referral.

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