Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donkey Mails No Minimum Payout

Donkey Mails is one of the famous Paid To Read email programs. It has been online since 2005 and already has more than 400.000 members. Offering 'no minimum' payout options to their members and has been loyal to continuously implement the payment method, Donkey Mails become one of the trusted Internet paid programs until now. Long time ago, Donkey Mails using e-gold as their main payment options but during e-gold having problems with their site, now Donkey Mails use Liberty Reserve and PerfectMoney as their 'no minimum' payment options then Paypal, Alertpay and SolidTrust Pay also included as their 'low minimum' payment options. Number of their paid emails around 5-10 mails per day with each worth 0.025 cent ussually. Beside 'paid emails' they have another options for the members to get more earnings, the option such as paid to click, paid to promote, paid to play the games and much more. Members can see many features on the control panel account. Donkey Mails isn't a good option to reach some good earnings everyday if we stand alone EXCEPT if we can have or get referrals as many because they using 5 referral levels. If we can get so many referrals, this is one of the best programs to earn some profits. No Minimum Payout

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