Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little Bit Things about CPM

What is CPM? CPM means Cost per Impressions or Cost per Thousand. CPM is one of the earning methods that used by certain Get Paid programs. For me,I think this method is the best earning method than other method because we can earn unlimited earnings unlike upfront payment method or per task method that earn or paid just per task/job that earn us limited earnings. CPM usually used to promote webpage whether it's in the form of page, banners, textlinks, that direct to the targeted page. CPM count per unique viewers or unique IP address means that every visitor with every different IP address count per visitor. The CPM offers difference value of earnings from every get paid programs that used CPM as their payment method. Some offering $1 per 1000 unique viewers, $3, or maybe $5 per 1000 unique viewers.

So What kind of Get Paid Industry that using CPM as their earning method? It can be media advertising such as google adsense, clicksor, casale media, adbrite, tribal fusion and much more, PPC (paid Per Click) programs, or PPP (paid To Promote). Or other program such as get paid to publishing our articles like at Bukisa, Squidoo, Hubpages, Triond, and much more.

CPM would be great earning method if we can get many visitor to our targeted page. If we have such a blog or webpage that already visit by thousands of guests everyday it will be a great advantage for us. The key is to have or get many visitor to our targeted page continuously. Ussually, every same visitor count per 24 hours, it would be great if we have loyal visitor who likes to see our targeted page oftenly.
If we already have thousand of visitor that viewing our page everyday, than we will earn the profit continuously.

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