Monday, May 24, 2010

My Progess on Bukisa

I have already publish around 18 articles on Bukisa. Although I joined Bukisa from last year but I started publish less than 3 - 4 months ago. Basically, I read another Bukisa members success story that pushing me to post more articles and hope that my earnings would be increase. I search some trendy and hot topics and start writing some articles. Then I began publish about 2 - 3 articles on Bukisa. I see my earning increase slowly but worthy so the next weeks I publish more and more articles until now I have around 18 articles and my earnings has increase significantly. I planned to publish more articles on Bukisa. The other reason is unlike other 'get paid to do' sites, we will earn money daily especcially if we have so many articles that already published on Bukisa, all we have to do is just waiting our earnings grow day by day :) that we don't have to publish article everyday or in certain times because we can freely arrange when and how many articles we wan to publish on Bukisa.

Now for around 3 months I already have more than 700 unique viewers and still growing.
I think for now Bukisa is one of the best 'get paid to do' sites. Stay tuned as I will give more report about my progress on Bukisa.

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